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How a Busy Working Mom Conquered Meal Time
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(Based on the personal experience of Sara Coulter, Marketing Director for First Bank) For the last 20 years, between a crazy busy life and kids with health issues, I have made myself plan weekly meals ahead of time. One day recently, I was describing this process to a co-worker, and she suggested that I blog about it. Before I start, I would ask you to please refrain from mumbling any of the following under your breath: “Yeah, right, like I’m going to actually take time to PLAN meals!” “I just don’t have time to plan meals.” “I can grocery shop just fine without a list.” “She’s nuts.” …because I guarantee that this system 1) doesn’t take more than an hour a week; 2) will save you money; 3) will give you peace of mind every night when you hit the door and your family whines, “What’s for dinner? I’m hungry!” Also, as far as the busy part – I started this system when I was working f ...