Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System

First Bank Richmond 729838
Bell, Stephanie G 773323
Carr, Laurie K 1359716
Collett, Sherrie K. 407166
Davis, Jackie 464429
Glunt, William H 1359717
Jansing, Teresa D 773324
Johnson, Kelly D 773325
Larrison, Amy J 1359719
Lathery, Ryan Thomas 650808
Mitchell, Sunny M 1359720
Mohr, Charity 462480
Noble, Eric 464264
Paulus, Diana 464432
Prather, Debra S 773327
Schmitmeyer, Mark J. 1202380
Schwanitz, Alex Michael 1798029
Shaffer, Josiah A. 1739120
Stoops, Pamela S 773329
Tabeling, Charles J 773330
Thompson, Justin 773331
Werking, Leslie A 773332
Wright, Stephanie Ann 1788438

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Dept. Contacts

For more information on these products or to schedule an appointment, contact any of our mortgage professionals.

Stephanie Bell
NMLS# 773323
AVP/Loan Officer
(765) 973-4212
(800) 548-8138, ext. 212

Ryan Lathery
NMLS# 650808
AVP/Loan Officer
(765) 973-4240
(800) 548-8138, ext. 240

Charity Mohr
NMLS# 462480
Mortgage Loan Officer
(317) 398-1000

Pam Stoops
NMLS# 773329
Sr. VP/Retail Lending Manager
(765) 973-4317
(800) 548-8138, ext. 317

Debbie Prather
NMLS# 773327
VP/Cambridge City Branch Manager
(765) 478-4451

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